"Yahooty Who"?: An Illustrated Participa-STORY

Created by Yahooty Who?

As well as being 100% cute & mischievous, "Yahooty Who?" characters teach children to think about & investigate the world around them. We finished our Kickstarter campaign in the top 1% of all publishing projects EVER. Thank you for your support as we work through production. Shipping will begin in December. Due to shipping times we cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Prototyping IS FUN!
almost 5 years ago – Fri, Sep 15, 2017 at 09:40:14 PM


After being funded in 39 minutes our brains flooded with ideas! (more on that at the end)

Getting funded so quickly did a few things for us:

  • We all did the "happy dance"
  • We were listed #14 on KickTraq.com's hot list
  • We were in the top 3 projects on all of Kickstarter
  • We got LOTS of SPAM - HAHA
  • We had an "OMG" reality moment - ALSO HAHA
  • Yahooty Who? has had tons of mentions and videos on Twitter and Facebook
  • We got invited to do some podcasts and interviews (so cool)

This week, we are going to begin prototyping a shipping box with our chosen manufacturing partner, Gann Memorials, that can also be used as a play area/storage box for Yahooty Who? characters and puppets!

IF we can make it work, it'll be one of our added rewards when we hit a higher stretch goal. The team at Gann has been awesome and we're sure they're going to deliver amazing products for everyone.

Keep your eyes peeled for a video announcing earlier stretch goals coming up! You are truly dream makers.

-Yahooty Who?!